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supreme courtWe handle all of our own appeals. At times our clients ask us to work on appeals of cases where we did not handle the underlying law suit. Several of our attorneys started their careers clerking for Missouri Appellate Court judges. We have attorneys that excel at marshaling facts and presenting arguments in appellate briefs and making arguments that are well received during oral argument. The case reporters in Missouri are filled with opinions favoring our attorneys and our clients. When a law firm is entrusted with making law in an issue important to their clients you need experience, credibility and expertise. Our attorneys have made law on major issues in Missouri.

  • Gustafson v. Benda, 661 S.W.2d 11 (Missouri Supreme Court that judicially adopted comparative fault in negligence actions.)
  • Smith v. Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission, 372 S.W.3d 90 (It was abuse of discretion for trial judge to certify as class action multiple personal injury automobile claims occurring on same stretch of allegedly defective highway due to individual issues of causation overwhelming common issues.)