Environmental and Toxic Torts
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toxic tortThe St. Louis Area has become a mecca for asbestos litigation. We defend Mesothelioma and less serious asbestos cases in the City of St. Louis, Missouri and Madison County, Illinois. We represent manufacturers whose products contained asbestos as well as claimant's employers who may have had asbestos in the workplace. Cases are often brought against scores of defendants in one action. The procedures utilized by the courts in handling the hundreds of such cases that are filed here each year are subject to special rules and standing orders necessary so that they can proceed fairly and efficiently. An attorney unfamiliar with the formal procedures and unwritten rules must proceed with caution. Our attorneys have years of experience in navigating these potentially treacherous waters.

We also defend cases involving lead exposure, Silicosis, Black Lung and Popcorn Lung. We defend cases involving chemical contamination of groundwater and chemical exposure in the workplace. These cases almost always involve large numbers of plaintiffs, large numbers of defendants, or both. These matters should only be handled by law firms like ours with experience in the issues of causation, venue, exclusive remedy and settlement procedures that are unique to this kind of liability.

Our Experiences-

  • Represented major lead mining interest in settlement of multiple mass tort lead exposure cases involving hundreds of exposure claims.
  • Obtained dismissal of asbestos exposure claim for out of state employer based on that state's workers' compensation exclusive remedy provision.
  • Defended manufacturer of Diacetyl in multi-plaintiff "Popcorn Lung" cases.
  • Defended manufacturers and distributors of chemical solvents in workplace exposure cases.