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business meetingDefending products liability cases involves defending the design, manufacturing process and reputation of our clients. The implications of such a lawsuit are often much bigger than the single injury that caused the suit to be filed. There might be millions of identical products out in the hands of consumers. There might be millions of dollars invested in marketing that could all be undone with the negative publicity of losing a products liability action. Our lawyers have handled almost every type of products liability case imaginable, from heavy machinery to consumer products to electrical components to pharmaceuticals to rocks. . . and everything in between.

We represent a major manufacturer of office products. I few years ago a flurry of lawsuits were filed arising out of injuries that allegedly occurred when the gas cylinders that controlled the height adjustment on one of their most popular office chairs failed. A few people that worked for the same organization claimed serious injuries when the chairs suddenly collapsed underneath them. The mechanism of the injuries didn't seem consistent with the known problem. We took the biggest of the cases to trial in the City of St. Louis and convinced the jury that the plaintiff's injury could not have happened the way he described. The defendant's verdict that we got for the client made the other cases go away.